Transparency in Cambodia Tribunal Proceedings Pushed

Theary Seng, ANSA EAP Executive Committee member and human rights activists pushed for transparency in the proceedings of a UN backed court deliberating whether to file charges on Khmer Rouge cadres.  According to the AFP News Agency
"The court, dogged by allegations of political interference and strapped for cash, has yet to announce whether it will go ahead with a third and fourth case against five unnamed members of the brutal 1975-1979 regime.

Despite 20 months of investigations, the court "remains weak in providing meaningful information to the victims" about these two cases, prominent Khmer Rouge survivor Youk Chhang told AFP."
This situation pushed Ms. Theary Seng to publicly announce the names of the people under investigation by the court:
"Frustrated with the lack of transparency at the court, another regime survivor took the unusual step of publicly naming all five suspects in a press release on Thursday.

The move puts author and human rights activist Theary Seng at risk of being in contempt of court, legal experts said."

She has also, in this story from the Phnom Phen Post

"...announced plans to file a civil party application at the Khmer Rouge tribunal against a trio of former cadres she says are the subject of investigation in the court’s controversial fourth case."

She said, she took these steps because.

“These judges are hiding behind the confidentiality issue, they are abusing the confidentially issue,” she said. “I’m taking my fight [to] the public arena because it’s my only safeguard.”