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A Regional Conference for Procurement Practitioners in East Asia-Pacific
Crowne Plaza-Holiday Inn, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines
16-18 January 2012

The Open Doors 2009 Regional Forum on Procurement Monitoring successfully convened what was to become the social accountability (SAc) procurement regional network in EAP. More importantly, Open Doors 2009 set in motion the crafting of the regional procurement agenda of the Affiliated Network for Social Accountability in East Asia and the Pacific (ANSA-EAP). This agenda aimed to harness and build on existing groups and initiatives focused on procurement monitoring, in an effort to consolidate and capacitate them towards becoming an active community of SAc practitioners. In the context of a SAc community of practice, the knowledge (i.e., tales, tools, techniques) used by the practitioners in each country may be shared, improved, adapted, and adopted by other groups in the network.

Instrumental to this objective was the establishment of sub-network procurement country groups that have an articulated focus on mainstreaming SAc in the citizen monitoring of public procurement. These procurement sub-groups in Cambodia, Indonesia, Mongolia, and the Philippines—set up with assistance from ANSA-EAP—currently form the regional procurement monitoring network.

Two years after, ANSA-EAP shifts the focus from convening the citizen practitioners and their counterparts in government, as well as partners from resource providing institutions, into bringing together an emerging community of practice. Open Doors 2012 aims to contribute to the regional procurement agenda of ANSA-EAP and its partners by sustaining the connection and dynamic exchange among the country groups involved in the procurement monitoring sub-network. This means feeding the growing and deepening work in procurement (and contract) monitoring.

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